January 21 - IRIS (2015)

"I don't have any rules, because I'd only be breaking them and it'd be a waste of time."

Image credit: traileraddict.com

Image credit: traileraddict.com

Supposedly, you need to do something daily for twenty-one days for it to become a habit. Watching a movie every day this year should now be second nature to me, which makes my 11:00pm realization of "aw [fiddlesticks], I still need to watch a movie today" all the more embarrassing. Luckily, I had a documentary in mind so there was little additional time wasted before IRIS began. IRIS is about Iris Apfel, a nonagenarian fashion icon, and gives a picture of her day-to-day life instead of a holistic biography.

I don't know anything about fashion. An embarrassingly large portion of my wardrobe is comprised of t-shirts I got from events I attended in high school. Watching IRIS was an interesting look at a world that's completely alien to me. There's not a lot of context to IRIS, but that's fine. The most interesting parts of the movie (to me) come in the second half, when Iris meditates on her age and the important things in her life. She's remarkably aware - and I don't mean "aware for a 93-year-old." She's whip-smart and quick-witted and it's easy to see how her personality had just as much to do with her success as her sense of style. If you're looking for an upbeat, easy-to-watch documentary about an old woman who is woke as hell, look no further than IRIS.

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