366 Flicks: Rules

Must watch at least one movie every day of 2016. Note: if, for any reason, a day is missed, it must be made up the following day. If two days are missed consecutively, the challenge will be considered a failure. (In all honesty, managing to meet the requirements of the challenge should also be considered a failure of a different, more meaningful sort.) Also note that 2016 is a leap year, and thus has 366 days instead of the regular 365. This extra challenge will make victory that much sweeter.

There is a category for each day of the week. This is intended to ensure a certain amount of diversity in the films viewed, but also serves to facilitate viewing decisions. The categories are as follows (may be subject to change as the year progresses):

  • Sunday: Classics (Alternate title: Sunday Best)

    • Purposefully ambiguous; can be interpreted however (nostalgia, critical acclaim, cult films)

    • Intention: To cover important points in cinema, whether it be CITIZEN KANE or my go-to high school favorite, DONNIE DARKO. How does it hold up?

  • Monday: The fantastic

    • Animation, surreal, fantasy, dystopian sci-fi, etc.. World-building and suspension of disbelief are important here.

    • Intention: A dose of escapism; experiencing another world for the runtime of the film.

  • Tuesday: Lesser known from well known (B-sides)

    • Whether it’s the film debut of an A-list actor or a passion project from a big-name director, movies in this category will explore the B-sides of popular figures in cinema.

    • Intention: To get a fuller understanding of an artist’s career.

  • Wednesday: Under the radar

    • Limited release, foreign films, art house, auteur, under the radar, etc.. “Indie” is such a nebulous and ill-defined term, but this category should include movies I’d normally miss.

    • Intention: to become a more well-rounded moviegoer

  • Thursday: On the record

    • Nonfiction, documentary films

    • Intention: To learn more about the world

  • Friday: Recommended

    • Suggested to me by friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, etc..

    • Intention: To broaden my horizons and to give something I may have overlooked a chance. Also examining how the act of recommendation impacts a viewing experience.

  • Saturday: Free

    • No restrictions here. Whatever looks good on Netflix, man.

The above categories may be interrupted at any time in the event of theater attendance. In an ideal world, I would be going to a public screening at least once a week, but the prospective cost incurred by a weekly visit to the cineplex is prohibitively high.

There is no restriction on re-watching a movie, but it may only count for the 366 Flicks challenge once. For example, I’ve seen the movie WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER approximately a dozen times over the past few years, but I would be allowed to view it again once in 2016 for it to count for the challenge. This is mainly to prevent me from writing about WHAS every day of 2016.

Accompanying each viewing should be an account of the experience. This doesn’t necessarily require a review, but it should preclude one, either. This will function as a way of documenting my progression throughout the challenge, and will provide a reference for my impressions on each movie seen.



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